We have a fully operational bakery and everything we sell is made by us. Our product range is extensive and focused on European and Western gourmet baked goods and deli items. Visit our caf é in Sai Kung to get fresh baked breads, pastries, cakes, cookies, home-made jams and preserves and many more!


Simply give us a call, and we will arrange to deliver your goods right to your door steps!


We supply various baked products to a number of establishments across Hong Kong. Contact us if you would like to take advantage of our considerable product list and expertise.


Want to send a treat to a loved one or a festive gift basket to your clients and customers? How about giving them a customised gift basket filled with our homemade goodies! Contact us to custom-create your perfect gift now


With a fully operational central kitchen in Aberdeen, we have extended our service to include catering over the years. From business meetings to private parties, we cater to all your needs! Be it a corporate event or a personal celebration, we can custom-make the menu for you with any specific requirements for your function.


Every year, we cater for several international schools during their Autumn Camps by preparing and delivering lunch packs, drinks and fruit to the camp sites.


Take a load off and hold your children’s party at our cafe! We can tailor your party with games, themes or even cooking lessons. Get your kids to make their own cakes with our fun and easy cooking recipes.